Studio Portfolio 


Grant Pritchard Trio

The Grant Pritchard Trio are a blues rock 3 piece who came to us to record their latest album release. Tracked live in the studio which we finished in such good time that the band decided to recorded a quick cover of Jimi Hendrix heard opposite.

Middle Space

Recording their debut EP at Hartfield Studio’s, Middle Space came to us with some great indie anthems to track live in session. We had a great time working with the young group who showed energy in the studio that come through in their recordings.

Alesha Glover

Alesha is a young solo singer from Northern Ireland and came to us with backing tracks to record vocals on to. We were blown away with the maturity of her voice for such a young artist then decided to record backing tracks from scratch to give her the best results for her sessions, which can be heard on the sample opposite.


“In The Moment” was an acoustic version of the Savannah track which was recorded to complete the release for their latest single. The track is stripped back and bare but captures the versatility of the band in an acoustic light but also how the studio can accommodate a different approach to an artists sound and project it through their recordings.

Black Tower

Black Tower, the 4 piece heavy rock band full of energy, attitude and banter recorded their new EP with Hartfield Studios. They recorded the entire EP live within the studio to capture a more natural performance as apposed to multi-tracking. The band were very connected as musicians which gave the great results that can be heard on “Orange Light”.