Savannah “Why?” The New EP

Savannah are the record breaking, rule bending band of local legend known for their British rock sound and old school ethics. They have been through turbulent times recently but have turned the tables as they reinvent themselves for 2017. Although 2016 is not yet over...
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Meet ‘Jodie’ the exciting & different new single from Savannah

‘Jodie’ is the name, new single is the game. If you like huge sounding in-your-face rock and roll with attitude then say hello to ‘Jodie’ The latest release from Savannah sounds different to anything they’ve ever done but it possibly is...
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The Slumdogs “LIVE” In Telford after recording their debut EP @ Hartfield Studio

Blackpool based indie-rockers The Slumdogs are playing in Shropshire to celebrate the recording of their debut EP at Hartfield Records Studio in Telford. After playing around the country The Slumdogs have firmly cemented themselves in Blackpool’s local unsigned...
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Introducing “Middle Space”…

Welcome to the world of Middle Space. The exciting new indie band hailing from Telford have just finished recording their debut EP at Hartfield Studios with the first track “Separate” taking local music fans by delighted surprise to what the ever growing...
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Hartfield Records, home of music in Shropshire.
Hartfield Recording Studio, the heart of it all.

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Hartfield Studio 

Shropshire’s Premier Recording Studio

Hartfield Recording Studio Telford Shropshire. Home of music in Telford, providing a welcoming and relaxed environment for artists to capture their art. Follow the link for more information – Hartfield Studio

Latest Releases

Savannah  “Music Is My High”

Music Is My High is the third single from UK indie/rock band Savannah, and reason alone to be excited about the emergence of the Telford hailing quartet. The song shows a tantalising mix of flavours which no doubt will lure references to Brit pop bands of the nineties but its uniting of sound has seeds further back in music history whether by intention or coincidence.

A persistent blaze of sound and enterprise from start to finish, Music Is My High is one of those songs which demands and quickly receives attention. Yes 2016 is looking another very healthy year for Savannah, and in turn, our ears.

The Slumdogs  “Lost and Found”

Blackpool quartet The Slumdogs released thier debut single “Lost and Found” Friday 1st of April at The Bootleg Social Club in their home town With old friends Savannah & new friends Tiger Tribes both as support the night was surely one of the best for live music in Blackpool.

The track was recorded at Motor Museum Studios in Liverpool by Al Groves, the fast rising producer who has been mastermind behind many recently release from bands such as Bring Me The Horizon.
“Lost and Found” truly captures the light indie sound that The Slumdogs have developed as a band and highlights their effectiveness as a group.

Savannah  “Back Street Robber” / “Live Your Life”

Our most prominent release, the double A-side single from Savannah “Back Street Robber” / “Live Your Life”.

Released back in May, the double A-side has dramatically raised the profile of the band since its release with the ever popular gritty true to life video staring Dawley local legend Mad Chris. The release has made Savannah a household name within Telford & their work has helped create a new light and buzz around the area. The tracks themselves were record at Magic Garden Studios with Gavin Monaghan and are reminiscent of early Britpop & light 60’s rock with each track having its own unique identity.


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